Flax fiber definition, uses and its properties

Flax Fiber The Flax fiber is classified as natural, cellulosic, bast and multicellular fiber. Flax is also known as Linen. The yarn made from flax fibers is referred to as linen. Amongst all-natural fibers Flax is the oldest fiber corps in the world. Flax fibers are grown in China, Belgium, Ukraine, France, Belarus, Netherlands, Egypt, … Read more

Cotton Yarn Types, Benefits, and Creative Applications

For generations, craftsmen and artisans have been fascinated with cotton yarn, a symbol of nature’s beauty. In this thorough introduction, we explore the appeal of cotton yarn from its history to its many uses. This article will reveal the secrets of cotton yarn’s distinctiveness, enabling you to produce exceptional items that last the test of … Read more

Vicuna Textile Fiber : Most valuable fiber in the world

Vicuna Textile Fiber

Vicuna wool general characteristics: Vicuna textile fiber is very lightweight and soft, making it desirable to both customers who are selective and high-end fashion designers. With only around 200 tons produced annually, compared to more than 20,000 tons of cashmere, it is both finer and much more unique. Vicuna wool has a natural gloss that … Read more